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As the publishing landscape has evolved, so too has the job of the publishing executive. Executives are expected to lead their organization from behind the wheel and from behind the scenes.

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Superheroes: Improving Publishing One Mission at a Time!

Each superhero, no matter how great their superhuman powers were, has at least one weakness. Whether that is a strange fragment of your home planet called Kryptonite or a certain damsel in distress. Similarly, so does your publishing company.

The Ultimate Event Marketing Guide from the Master Himself

Carl Landau is one of the most successful event marketers in the media world today. His Niche Media, Niche CEO and new Niche EventFest sell out each and every time. Curious how he does it? KM is proud to have the Grand Poobah himself share his Top 10 Strategies.

Within KM’s technology, the unified audience database consolidates and systematizes demographic, contextual and behavioral audience data from multiple profiles and sources, bringing information all together into a single, centralized audience source. Rather than disparate audience silos that lack integration and ultimately diminish your targeting options, create actionable audience intelligence from multiple sources with our unified database.
With your ideal target audiences in sight, you need to deliver your messages and content in a way that connects with their interests. As an email services provider for the publishing industry, Knowledge Marketing can assist you in segmenting, targeting and engaging your audience members appropriately to generate increased revenues. By effectively using audience intelligence to deliver targeted, high quality content, Knowledge Marketing can help you maximize every email marketing campaign.
Print and digital remains an important element to your overall strategy, making circulation services a necessity. Whether you’re looking for fulfillment support or a completely outsourced solution, Knowledge Marketing delivers! Our team of seasoned circulation experts, with over 30+ years experience in the industry, is available to assist with any and all audience development challenges. All circulation services are U.S. based, located in Plymouth, Minnesota.

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  • Years of experience catering to the needs and goals of publishers.
  • No more hidden fees or nickel-and-diming. We offer fair, upfront pricing.
  • Integration of operations into one flexible, scalable, easy-to-use platform.
  • Make sense of your audience data and create 360⁰ profiles to enhance insight.
  • Not just another vendor – Team KM is a strategic partner.

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